Ascend in Worship

This was the first. I entered the recording studio with great trepidation. But the Lord had given me the mandate through the vision to get His worship songs to the troops....He had shown me working with Michael Everett at The Creation Lab was His open door. I had to walk through.  For love of the Lord, I faced my fears and feelings of complete incompetency. In response, I asked Him to touch the music with His Spirit so it can touch you the way He has always intended. His power on it for you. Not mine. In response, people tell me the music helps them enter God's peace. Makes sense doesn't it? God touched the music with the opposite of what I had to choose to fight against. Fear. I chose to trust Him instead of being afraid--instead of succombing to the seeming impossibility of this project becoming a reality. Because I saw myself as a "nobody" instead of God's chosen "somebody". Thus He has infused the songs with His peace.  Take a listen below. I've set up 30 second clips on all the album's songs. can listen to "When You Are My King", "Ascend in Worship" and "Mighty Warrior, King" all the way through. The audio clips are brought to you via where all of my albums are available in CD or digital form. However, buttons to purchase on and iTunes are also provided. To God be the glory, as we worship His Majesty more and together! And peace be to you, dear listener. 

~ Elizabeth

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