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God Seeker Messages

Podcast exploring the type of life Jesus really brought,

beyond common Scriptural platitudes. 

Because God is more precious than gold

Here, on Podbean, YouTube and other podcast services. Listen to most recent messages.

Transcripts of episodes are published on my blog, NUGGETS OF GOD'S WISDOM

There is so much information about God out there which seems to be written for those who already think they understand, which throw around Christian specific terminology as if you already do, too.  But what if we happens if we try to look at the concepts with fresh eyes and without phrases that have become cliché? What does living with faith in God this side of heaven look like and what difference does it make? Episodes offer a variety of frankly considering concepts, personal God-stories, stories behind some of my songs and prophetic words. Each episode ends with a link to a worship song for use as prayer. Episodes are easy to listen to, activating to the mind and nourishing to the soul.

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