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support spiritual well-being

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Since the beginning, gift bags filled with spiritual support materials and hand-written notes of encouragement have been a mainstay of Eagles Nest Foundation's outreach. The benefit is multi-layered and progressive. Soul care through a touch of love from a stranger and through materials which help turn thoughts to God for wisdom, comfort, strength, healing and peace.   More 

nurturing those in need to soar in Christ since 2007



MUSIC LYRIC VIDEOS. 150+ song prayers. 14 albums. More to come! Now on YouTube.

REMEDY PLAYLISTS to come of songs from various albums combined to help in different circumstances, such as grief, anxiety, intercession or joy.

USB DRIVES (preloaded) for Worship Toolkits for those without CD drives or players. 

AUDIO DEVOTIONS (think podcasts!!) and AUDIO BOOKS being written, recorded and linked up through Podbean and other major podcast suppliers. 

UPDATED WEBSITE with free song player for each album.



Watch News, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Always listening for what Holy Spirit wants next. New devotions, songs, books. Always more for your soul care and thriving. My time is donated to serving you in this way.

First Aid


As you interact with the materials here, you will become stronger, more resilient, more whole and more at peace through encounter with God. Though never fully healed until heaven, God has work for you. Good work now. So, as you become more spiritually whole, you also become part of His Wounded Healer Brigade, which will richly bless you! Use the materials here to give others what you have received!

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