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nurturing those in need to soar in Christ since 2007

the Back Story...

from a vision for troops, to soul care in your personal battles

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New Songs and a Spiritual Vision

I had written a few songs, but never anticipated song-writing would become a main focus. However, in February 2004, friends felt led to lay their hands on me and pray I hear new songs from heaven with which to connect with God. I began composing in earnest the next day. April 2004 I received an unexpected download of a song for troops in battle called, "Stand Up". Then in February 2005, I was walking next to the softball field at our children’s school. I had a spiritual vision. Where the field should be I “saw” a desert with a group of military troops marching in formation. A cream-colored canopy descended from the sky and covered them, hovering over them and draping down to their knees as they marched. As I watched it move with them as they moved, I heard the Holy Spirit speak to my heart. If I would get "Stand Up" and some of the new song prayers “over there”, He would be the troops’ covering, He would hem them in before and behind, He would be the banner over them, and shine His light in the dark places so the enemy would be more easily found. This vision changed the trajectory of my life and launched me onto the path to create all the materials you find here and more.

It led to founding Eagles Nest Foundation, Inc in 2007 as a nonprofit global media apostolate to support my work (Elizabeth Fulgaro) producing and delivering soul care via songs, books, devotions and podcasts to those who know they have need to understand God more and draw nearer to Him. I donate my time, expertise and currently, all potential income from what I create and Eagles Nest provides financing for production and distribution. For making the spiritual sustenance visible and available. This is what 100% of donations support.


Since the 2005 vision, I have learned God can and does protect physically, but the most essential is His care for your heart, soul, and mind. You can handle almost anything physically if you are at peace within. This is what He offers. Its where Eagles Nest helps you go in God. Receive His inner peace. Receive His inner healing. Come to rest in His consolation. He wants to accompany you through all things in a way you can recognize. He longs to give you deeper insight into who He is and who you are to Him, because He knows this is where you will find what you seek. (And you are most precious to Him no matter what and always.)

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