Worship His Majesty!

So glad you've found this page.  Here is the place to get your worhip on!  It is a place to begin to practice worship of His majesty instead of worry.  Eagles Nest Foundation was founded in obedience to the Lord's call to help us learn the what, why's wherefore's and how's of worship.  Watch my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ascendinworship/  as well as the Eagles Nest Foundation Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/eaglesnestfoundationinc/. I'll be posting mini devotions which help us focus on God and lean on Him more through worship. By this He is glorified, we are blessed and He can work through us more effectively for His eternal, all-good, magnificent Kingdom purposes.  These mini-devotions will lead to songs that will be progressively added here with which to practice worshiping Him.  Music and lyrics for you until perhaps He gives you your own!


We begin with "Stand Up" because many of those Eagles Nest serves are military, military family members or veterans. "Stand Up" honors the mission.  "Ascend in Worship" is second.  Really soak in these lyrics and realize the position you already have in Christ. This is the place from which you worship Him and pray. These two songs provide the foundation for all which will follow.  These songs are being provided free for you to listen to as often as the Lord leads for Him to teach you what is on His heart and bestow more of His wisdom, fear of the Lord, peace and joy, even as you glorify Him! (Of course, if you feel so led, you are welcome to purchase any of the songs or albums as well to help support continuation of the ministry.)


May you be blessed, may He be glorified and may His kingdom come!



  April 24, 2019

P.S. Please be patient. After you press "play" songs can take some time to load.