I never thought I'd have a webpage, let alone album after album of original worship music to make available to you as well as books.  Stay connected...Here you will find links to every album and information on every book, a link to a blog, where I post periodic devotions and spontaneously written-out prayers called Nuggets of God's Wisdom.  There is a Facebook page with which updates and thoughts which keep our mind and hearts God-focused (and in His strength for life's journey and Facebook page called Spiritual Armor & Ammo of mini photos with beautiful photos of God's creation. All of the music and writing begs us to pause and take a closer look. Life can be hard. We are so easily discouraged. But this is not God's best for us. When we choose to use tools such as these books, devotions and songs to help us lift our mind and hearts to Him, by focusing on who He is, who we are to Him and what He promises, He etches His persepctive (the truth!) on our hearts.  Looking at life more and more His way, through His eyes, builds resiliency. This is standing on Him as our Rock in the midst of the storms which will come, so we are not swept away by them. Simultaneously, and most importantly, when we spend time on God (with God), He is given the honor He is due. We put Him in His rightful place over our lives.  Instead of being pre-occupied with and distracted by everything less, we are preoccupied and focused on His more. That which concerns Him (and thus us) spans from here through eternity! Using your Bible, and songs, devotions and books such as these gets us out of being pulled down and stuck in the muck, which today can be.  

There are many, many books, blogs and Facebook pages out there. There are seemingly too many good songs to count. However, Holy Spirit knows for whom He has had each created. That includes whether any of what He has had me create is for you. (Holy Spirit, I ask You to help each person who visits to know.)  Now ask God to guide you and listen interiorly to the sense He gives you with peace of what to do and what not to do. Look at the photos. Read the text. Click on the album photo or title. This will lead you to a page about each album where you can listen to parts of every song and all of several.  In addition, there will be links for purchase on, and itunes.  Spotify also carries the albums with more coming.  In time to come on the individual pages for the albums I'll be adding more information about how some of the songs came to be.  Please remember. I am not doing this for potential fame.  I believe that it is part of my life's assignment to prepare these books and songs as spiritual food for you, to help you have strength for life's journey and be able to focus more on Him in the midst of everything else. It is in God alone our wholeness and healing are to be found. In His plan is our purpose and through Him is thriving, peace and joy now and life eternal. 


Each album is filled with original worship music. And each has a particular God-given focus for some of it's songs, like going through a hard time, grieving or seeking healing, etc. Keep reading to find out more about each. Feel free to reach out with questions.  The goal is closer closeness to God. I am praying for you! ~ Elizabeth


The very first worship album!! Released in autumn 2006, it caused goosebumps because with the release of this album, I finally had the ability to supply music to the troops as the Lord had asked. (See the Eagles Nest Foundation story.) Listeners say they feel fear lift and God's peace descend with these songs.   


When times are tough and life is going the way you had hoped, sometimes the Lord is calling you out of the boat to walk on water towards Him. This album includes songs for worshiping God when you are waiting for His answer and when His answer is not what you sought.

This represents the remaining albums yet to be described and pictured!! Over 12 in all. The remainder will be added one by one gradually soon!

Can you imagine having so many new prayer songs at your fingertips! Hope they bless you! 

For now check out my page. God bless you!