Once upon a time, there was a little girl who believed in God (Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit), then grew up and wasn't so sure anymore. Then when life lost all meaning, she reached out hoping He was there and He granted her fervent prayer by planting a little seed of faith--the ability to choose to believe in Him--in her heart.


That was over 25 years ago and the faith life which has sprouted from that seed keeps growing!  I will never know God completely because He is infinite and I am quite finite.  However, what He has taught me I am happy to share through books, music (mostly original worship songs), devotions and online prayers.

I have known I was to be a writer since I was a very young girl.. Words, their meaning and different languages have long fascinated me.  However, the call to compose and have these original songs professioally produced was and remains a suprise. As of 2018, over 120 original songs recorded on 14 different albums and two singles. A bit stunning!

You may wonder why...It's not about building a music career or promoting my voice. It's because of what the Lord has taught me about worship...about what happens when we chose to worship Him.

I believe in a living God, who promises to be active in our lives both in what we consider large and what we consider small. I believe He answers prayer and that the worship of Him through song is a high form of prayer, which He blesses in multiple ways. First and foremost, it honors Him giving Him the attention He is due.  I believe that because of the Love God is, when we choose to spend time worshiping Him, we are the beneficiaries. When we declare who He is back to Him, He strengthens us for all that lies ahead, by literally etching His Truth on our hearts.  In addition, there are specific biblical promises which go with worship. God promises when we seek Him, He will be found by us. He promises to draw nearer. When we worship Him, especially in song, it also keeps our eyes on Him and we are less confounded by all that is going on around us. 

You see the more we know Him, (the more time we spend focusing on Him and everything else), the more it is as if we soar on eagles wings over life's obstacles. We can better run so as not to grow weary when our lives symbolically require it. We can walk and not faint, because He is giving us His water (Holy Spirit) to drink and His spiritual food to eat.  Song is not the only way He accomplishes this in our hearts, but it is a powerful way. Yes, I beleive in the power of God-focused song--that through the melodies and lyrics He will deepen our relationship with Him, which refresh us like a sudden, clear stream in a desert.

The Lord pushed me way out of my comfort zone into the recording studio by giving me a vision that if I would get some of His new songs to the military, He would be their Helper.  You can read more about it under the Eagles Nest Foundation tab. Eagles Nest Foundation was founded as a 501c3 non-profit in 2007 in order to serve as the distribution arm to get the music He intended and books He has had me since write to primarily military, military families, veterans and families of the fallen, in addition to others who are grieving or in their own battles (such as serious illness). Eagles Nest Foundation exists to provide spiritual support to those in these circumstances who seek it.  But take a listen to this music He has enabled! Those who have found the songs say it gives them words with which to talk with God (pray worshipfully!), keep their eyes on Him, know Him more and receive an increase of His peace.

I'm glad you are here. Please take a look around. On the music and books page you will find descriptions of the different albums. Consider it the various offerings like a spiritual food pantry. When the Lord nudged me to start each  new album, He shared a main focus those particular songs were to have. This is decribed. There are also links to listen to free clips.  

I believe if you listen interiorly very quietly, the Holy Spirit will nudge you if He had me create any of this for you or someone you know. Just follow His lead to get some of the materials or not. When the Good Shepherd is leading His inner prompts will comes with His peace, not fear and an inexplicably certainty, not condemnation or guilt. Trust Him enough to do what you think His Spirit is telling you, and be amazed at what the Lord will do!

In addition, you'll find a link to Wordpress blog called Nuggets of God's Wisdom with dozens of devotions and prayers, as well as descriptions of current and upcoming books and links to Facebook pages, such as Spiritual Armor and Ammo for even more spiritual nuggets of wisdom with which to gain increasingly His overview, which helps us to live in His peace and joy!.

Oh...and a little about me?  I was born and raised in Northern California and have spent my whole life here excpet for two single year sojourns so live in Germany as a high school exchange student and then as a graduate student Fulbright scholar.  I'm married to my high school sweetheart, John. We have three grown children, who we love dearly.  I like to ride horses, sew clothes, travel to visit those I love around the world and learn new things about God (which often turn into books and songs.)  I'm enrolled as a graduate student at The King's University, looking to complete my M.A. in Practical Theology in May 2019.  I'm working on my graduate certificate in spiritual theology simultaneously through The Avila Institute of Spiritual Formation. Professionally, I've been involved in personal finance for over 35 years in varying roles including financial advisor, financial counselor and financial coach. I hold my certifications as a CFP, AFC and FFC and am also always asking God to teach me more about His way with money. (Are you surprised? :) )

"The Lord bless you
    and keep you;
 the Lord make his face shine on you
    and be gracious to you;
 the Lord turn his face toward you
    and give you peace.”’ (Numbers 6:24-26)

For His glory,